Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Well Dressed Type

Recently spotted in magazines while perusing:

Kate Bosworth lookalike! I love this entire outfit, very arty.

Christina Hendricks, part of this outfit looks like you just rolled out of bed, however on the other hand, I really quite admire your ability to pull off a wrap in public. Just add heals I suppose. I imagine she's going to brunch, anyway.

I adore this cloak. I think it would be one of those things that you just wear for days because you love it so much and it makes you feel ridiculously fabulous.

On an entirely different note, I just learned that another couple from my grade at school are getting married today. I am 21! What are they thinking? There are engagements and marriages and babies popping up everywhere, and I don't want a bar of it. I can't wait to move to the city and be single til I'm thirty - then my sweet high-school love (current bf) can come back from his extensive trips and worldly experiences with the remaining sole purpose of sweeping me off my feet again. Did you hear that baby?

xx B

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