Monday, November 01, 2010

Summer Sacrilege, In search of the perfect roadtrip.

Like they say: "This box on wheels has the aerodynamics of a sliced loaf and the rich throaty rumble of a sewing machine. Downhill with a following wind it might touch 70 and at best you'll squeeze 25 miles to the gallon from it, and yet we surfers love it - it might drip oil, but we know it oozes cool, and air-cooled cool at that. It's a freedom trip - our board gives us freedom of the ocean and our bus gives us freedom of the road. Who cares if we don't get there just yet? Traffic jams - pah! Just park up, get the lid up, brew up, maybe even stop overnight, we'll get there eventually - that's real freedom of the road."... and we love it!

Its summertime again, Babycakes! xx

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