Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Be As Wise As You Are Beautiful.

Just got back from afternoon tea with my Dad. We had iced mochas in great big cold glasses with milky dribbles down the sides.

He is going to help me with my move. Good old Dad... I can always depend on him to get me from A to B (just not always on time). But its ok, he'll be perfect for the job! We'll use the trailer and tarp it up well so no rain can get in and spoil my things. May is only five months away!

It's rainy here today, but it won't actually rain properly. I like to sit in the lounge on humid, overcast Queensland days like this and just crank the air-con, with all the curtains closed. And snuggle in my feather blanket and blog.

And the baby next door just won't be quiet!

Poor little baby.


  1. This picture, is this what you're doing right now? Haha :)