Monday, December 20, 2010

Dimmeys' Revelations.

Oh, I'm sorry, we just recently had the grand opening of a Dimmey's chain store/cheap shop in our darling little town, and I didn't give you a detailed, documentary style overview of my virgin venture in.

It certainly lived up to it's catch cry - it was more than I bargained for. It was awesome. My only regret is that my boyfriend took me, and I was consequently dragged from the store after only the shortest amount of time ('babbbbe, I'm sick of this shop, lets go!'). I still managed to get some bargains, while he was off buying my brother a $2 bike pump and my dad a tin of shortbread for Christmas.

One LA Lakers Christmas tree bauble, four Union Jack tea towels and a black smock apron (when I cook, it gets messy).

I LOVE my bauble. I hate christmas decorations, but this will hang proudly on the little live Christmas tree my boy swears he will get me for Christmas (he says it is depressing going to my house during the holidays due to the lack of festive decorations). I might even take a picture!

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