Monday, December 20, 2010

Summer Heat Christmas

It's been so hot here that the candle I keep on my outdoor settee, which is normally the shape of a shiny ball, has melted into a chubby little lump of wax on its plate. Today is the first day in one week that I haven't had all the doors and curtains closed to assist the air conditioner in its war against severe humidity. It has been horrible! Sometimes it is hard to breathe because of the hot, heavy, moist air we have here in the summer.

So we deal the only way we know how: the Boy and I dragged my bed out into the kitchen so we could sleep under the air conditioner, we spend the afternoon in the lounge room in our undies watching movies and blogging, we run in the rain (when it finally comes down) and we drink plenty of beers to keep our minds off the heat. And Christmas is coming! So we've been planning and being all secretive for that.

Christmas day with the Boy's big family is a festive affair. We go in the morning and everyone spreads out on the lounge room floor to open presents, before heading outside to begin with beers and a three-hour long water fight, followed by the biggest lunch and consequent siesta. I can't wait; Christmas day will be my first day off for the last 6 weeks, and I intend to enjoy it supremely.

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